A few of my favorite things

childhood book:  The Prince of Central Park
cocktail: dirty martini
guilty pleasure: Krug champagne
pizza: Hula Loola
beverage: La Croix
comfort food:  Sauerbraten and potato dumplings with gravy
food: sushi or Chinese hotpot
topper: truffle. over anything
sport: skiing
saying: not my circus, not my monkeys


word: buffoonery
music: ska
hobby: traveling
activity: learning
bad habit: eavesdropping
compliment: “I heard your laugh across the room.”
sound: seagulls
scent: night blooming jasmine
sidekicks: Tucker, Terra, Lucky and Sylvester
fatherly advice: “treat the janitor with  the same respect as you would the CEO.”


motherly advice: “Don’t judge anyone unless you’ve walked in their shoes.”
childhood nickname: Towering Inferno
adult nickname: Stretchy Noodle (only in China)
happy place: business class to anywhere
happy song: I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas
pickup line: “1,000 ships sank in the Sea of Galilee. With your beauty, you could stand on the shore and all 1000 ships would rise.”
hotel greeting ca. 1996: “Welcome to the Hilton Atlantic City. What state are you from?”
superstition: don’t light your cigarette on a candle or a sailor dies
uncomfortable thing to do: hug anyone in China
movie quote: “Son, fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”